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Teri L. Dunn

Human Resources/Pension and Retirement QDRO Coordinator

Teri L. Dunn is the head of Human Resources and our Pension and Retirement QDRO Coordinator for the law firm. She is responsible for completion of all documents, orders and pleadings involving the distribution of all pension and retirement accounts as part of our dissolution of marriage cases. She is the person to contact if you have any questions regarding how your pension and retirement accounts will be divided and the status of said division after your dissolution of marriage has been entered. She works extensively with General Manager Brandi L. Hogan to make sure all financial matters regarding the pension and retirement accounts have been completed and distributed properly. Teri also handles all Human Resource matters for our firm. Teri works out of the Peoria office. You may contact Teri directly at teri.dunn@murphy-dunn.net.