The teams of attorneys at Murphy & Dunn, P.C. are there to help after the divorce is entered and problems develop at a later date. These issues could be related to child support not being paid, maintenance not being paid, college expenses, educational expenses for high school or grade school, health insurance and uncovered health care expenses not being paid, visitation and custody disputes, and many other issues that develop as time goes on.

As everyone knows, there is no way for parties or their attorneys or the Judge to cover every issue that could come up in the future regarding the parties or their children. That is why G. Edward Murphy and his team of attorneys are there to go back to court to enforce or modify the terms of the prior Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage or any other prior Court Order. You must take action to enforce the Orders that are in effect if you want the benefit of them. You must seek to modify those Orders that are no longer in the best interests of your children. Don't hesitate to contact the Murphy & Dunn, P.C. team to determine what your rights are and how to enforce or modify them if necessary.

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