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Grant E. Murphy

Grant E. Murphy shares operational duties and is responsible for helping run both Murphy & Dunn on the law firm side and the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation on the non-profit side. Grant is the Human Resources Manager and Pro Bono Coordinator for Murphy & Dunn and the Executive Director of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation.

As Human Resources Manager, he is responsible for the daily management of the people and teams associated with the law firm. As Pro Bono Coordinator, he is responsible for managing the substantial number of pro bono cases we handle each year through the law firm and through the Foundation. As Executive Director, he manages the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation and within same the Nicholas J. Murphy Military Legal Clinic.

Grant leads Nick’s Foundation and the Military Legal Clinic in all areas of operations, and is the lead manager overseeing all of the legal work being performed through the Nicholas J. Murphy Military Legal Clinic. He works closely with Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner G. Edward Murphy and the Board of Directors and Officers of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation to make sure the mission of both Murphy & Dunn and the Foundation to help veterans and members of the Armed Forces are properly taken care of. He leads all business operations regarding human resources, and helps manage both companies. He also manages all pro bono legal cases, community affairs and philanthropic services related to our law firm.

As Executive Director, Grant manages and operates the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation and handles all of the management duties on donor relations, donor management, running the “Fairways for the Armed Forces” golf outing, as well as all business and non-profit operations. Grant earned his B.A. from Augustana College and his J.D. with honors from Valparaiso University School of Law.

Grant is also one of the founding members of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation, started after his younger brother, Nick, tragically passed away in November of 2016 while serving in the Navy. The Foundation serves veterans and their families, through grants and scholarships, and through the Nicholas J. Murphy Military Legal Clinic. This is a legal clinic serving veterans and active duty military personnel through free or reduced rate family law legal services.

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