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Brandi L. Hogan

Business Manager and Paralegal Operations

Brandi L. Hogan joined our firm in January 2011 and now serves as our law firm Business Manager and manages paralegal operations and law firm processes. Brandi also assists our Chief Operating Officer in all aspects of the business operations at all of our office locations. Brandi assists in all matters involving operations of the law firm in all respects, including billing, invoicing questions and any financial or business matter related to the operation of the law firm, as well as the internal management of all processes related to the core practices of the business and operations. Along with her Administrative Assistant, Dawn Bikin, Brandi is the person to call with any invoice, billing or finance-related question. Brandi works primarily out of our Peoria office location, but serves all firm locations.

In addition to her firm-wide General Manager duties, Brandi also assists all information technology matters for the law firm and helps provide support to our Pension and Retirement Coordinator, Teri L. Dunn, regarding QDRO-related matters involving pension and retirement distribution in dissolution of marriage matters.

Brandi L. Hogan may be contacted directly at