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Keeping the Non-Custodial Parent Involved is Important

Very few people enter into marriage assuming that they're going to get divorced on the other side. When it becomes clear that divorce is the healthiest option, people understandably often have mixed feelings about leaving their spouse. They may try to remember the happy times that they shared together. They may feel sad and depressed that their marriage fell apart. They could also feel angry and betrayed.

Kids need access to both parents for their emotional well-being

One of the most heartbreaking challenges a parent will go through during a divorce is spending less time with his or her children. After a divorce, one parent may end up with the majority of parenting time, while the other could be relegated only to weekends or a few days out of the month. Traditionally, many people believe the mother ends up having the most time with the children, while the father is put on the back burner as the "other" parent - one who is no longer as involved in his kids' lives as he would like to be. 

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