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Six Ways to Combat Spousal Financial Abuse

Many people are aware of the horrors of physical abuse in families. But did you know that financial abuse can be just as devastating? Financial abuse takes place when one individual takes control over another's finances, assets, work, and education in a relationship.

The Spy Who Divorced Me

Almost everyone is addicted to technology - cellphones, tablets and many other computer-based devices. However, the next time you communicate over an electronic medium, know that someone may be recording your statements.

Take steps for a smooth transition to a co-parenting role after divorce

When parents in Illinois are no longer able to work out their differences, sometimes the best option - for both the married couple and their children- is to file for divorce. In such situations, both parents will have to learn to adapt to a new role in their lives, that of a co-parent. While both spouses likely collaborated in raising their children previously, the structure of the arrangement will now change.

Illinois property division: Mortgage issues to watch for in Divorce

Deciding who keeps the marital home or whether to sell the home is a difficult decision. When there are school-aged children it may be hard to move them from the home in which they have grown up. A location near a school or in one of the best school districts may mean one parent wants to keep the home. 

When 'wallowing' during the divorce process is okay

When you were a child and you were struggling with negative emotions, your parents may have told you not to "wallow." And while it is generally good advice to avoid stewing in negative emotions for any length of time, there are situations where wallowing is warranted and can even be constructive.

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