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​Everyone wants a happy family situation. Unfortunately, if you are coming to Murphy & Dunn, P.C. as a client or potential client, your family has broken down. No matter what else we do, our first job is to look at you and every client we have as a person, not a number and not just a client. Each client is a living and breathing person in need. Our job is to put you and your family first and really think about what you need. That is job number one on every case. All the time. 


Our job at Murphy & Dunn, P.C. is to take care of you. This is how we think on every case, no matter how difficult the case might be.

• Every client is a real person. We want to get to know you personally. We have never had a client complain about our services when we had a good one on one personal relationship with that client. We want every client to be treated like you are our brother or sister going through this process. We want to make you feel that important.


• We do our best to figure out what every client needs and determine the priority of the issues in your case. Our goal is to act like you are a personal family member and we say to ourselves: "What do you need right now" and determine if it is being done. How fast do we need to file pleadings, get a court date, etc. Are you being denied parenting time or rights to your kids? Are you starving and not receiving money? What needs done right now to get the case started off right? If it is in the middle of the case and we have taken over the case for another attorney, we need to determine what needs done right now to get the case back on track? That is why "Our Job is People" not just cases.


• We ask ourselves what you would want done right now if it was our own family law case personally and we were the client.


•  Our first goal is to talk to youthe right from day one of the case. Ask questions. Get to know you. Find out all of the basic facts right away.


• We then break down what the case is about and your particular circumstances right away. When talking to you, our goal is to really listen to what you are saying and guide you along by asking the right questions and following up with other questions once you have talked to us at length. You are talking to us because you are looking for our advice.


• Our job is to guide you and give you advice. It is not just to do what you always want. Often clients do not know what they want so our job is to ask questions, gather data, and make recommendations as to what you should do and should want. We will not draft some crazy proposal just because that is what you want. It might not be legally correct or be in your best interests, or the best interests of your children. That is why you are hiring us.


• We will go through with you the main three parts of a divorce case and the main issues in all cases and walk through basic family law with you in order for us to do our job properly. We cannot give you proper advice if you don't know what we are talking about or why we are telling you to take certain steps in the case. Our goal in every case for every client is to be proactive, be a leader, and be exceptional everyday.


• My personal motto and the goal of all of our attorneys, paralegals, and our staff is the following: "It is easy to be average, but hard to be exceptional." We strive each and every day on each and every case to be exceptional. More than anything, we want you to know we really do care about you and your family. We view our job as solving problems, not just litigating them. Anyone can just go to court on every case and leave it up to a Judge. It takes a great group of attorneys and a great law firm to solve real problems for real people and that is what we strive to do. If we need to litigate the issue, there is no one any better. However, that should not be the first line of attack. The only ones that win if you litigate everything to death is the two attorneys and this offices.


• I know it sounds simplistic, but our goal is to be nice to you as the client and not be judgmental. We are not going through your divorce or situation. We do not know all of the behind the scene facts. We are not in your shoes so we won't judge you. Our goal is to properly guide you and get you through the process. Our job is to be there for you and to be going through this with you. Sometimes, that means part of this job is to be a best friend and psychologist and counselor to you. If we can help you through this like a friend, you will be as happy as possible. That is why building that client relationship with you is job number one, everyday.


•  We need to talk to you frequently. In person, by phone, by email, by text, or by all means of communication. That high level of communication is what sets Murphy & Dunn apart, and what leads to a successful outcome in your case. 


• As a company, we think about every person or company that we personally have ever hired or dealt with and think about which people and company we liked. All of the onethat we liked are because they are people and companies that made it a point to have a relationship with us personally and got to know us, whether it is a hairdresser or barber, auto repair store, house or car insurance, doctor or nurse, workout gym, Starbucks or coffee shop, car dealer, grocery store, house builder, realtor, etc. Anyone that you use to help you accomplish a task that is in the service industry is someone you use because you like them. You go to them because you are treated like a person and you have a personal relationship with them. That is what we strive to do as an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, or manager at Murphy & Dunn, P.C. We are a personal service company, not a drafter of paper. We are here for you, persona to person.


• Telephone calls and personal office conferences are the most important part of our job with you as our client because they involve real human interaction. We like to pick up the phone and get answers. Quickly and efficiently. Email is fine, but we don't want email to be our priority form of communication with you. 


• If you are a client, please make sure you contact us before any hearing or meeting to confirm the appointment and to discuss what is coming up. We will call you too, but if we miss each other, please do not hesitate to contact us. Communication and knowledge is the key to a successful outcome in your case.


• Data is the key to everything. We need to know all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your kids, your assets and debts, and your income and expenses. Please gather that data and keep it updated with us. The more you help, the cheaper it is for us to complete your case and the more likely we will win.


• Please be nice to our billing office and staff. They have a thankless job. Sending out Invoices and collecting on fees is no fun for anyone. It is part of the business side of the practice of law. If you have a problem with your bill, just call us. We will be glad to go through it with you. In 29 years of practicing law, we have never sued a client yet over a bill and you will not be the first. We all are on the same side to get your case done right. Help us do that and pay your bill as well. 


• We believe that client contact, even if brief, is more important than spending hours doing paperwork. We would rather take 5 minutes out of that paperwork and call you to update you on what we are doing and find out more information directly from you. Again, data and communication are the key.


• You, as the client is our best source of information in every case, all the time. Please help us get the information and data we need to properly represent you. Everything revolves around having the best data and doing something with it.


• Have a great day everyone. Thank you for choosing Murphy & Dunn, P.C. We will do our very best for you and your family.


© G. Edward Murphy (072817)



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