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Keeping the Non-Custodial Parent Involved is Important

Very few people enter into marriage assuming that they're going to get divorced on the other side. When it becomes clear that divorce is the healthiest option, people understandably often have mixed feelings about leaving their spouse. They may try to remember the happy times that they shared together. They may feel sad and depressed that their marriage fell apart. They could also feel angry and betrayed.

In the wake of a decision to divorce, some individuals may be tempted to shield their children from their former spouse. In cases of abuse or neglect, this may be a healthy instinct. But barring extreme circumstances, it is important to take steps to combat this urge because kids generally benefit from having both of their parents remain in their lives. While it may be challenging to co-parent alongside someone who has caused you pain, your children may need you to rise to the occasion for their benefit. Thankfully, experienced family law attorneys can help you to construct a parenting agreement that will serve your children's best interests and help to keep your needs met in your new co-parenting relationship. 

Why Keep the Non-Custodial Parent Involved?

Some parents may think that they can raise their kids better without having the second parent involved. They may think that the other parent is a bad person who would be a poor influence on the children; however, there have been numerous studies examining this fact that have demonstrated that having the non-custodial parent around is generally beneficial in the lives of the children.

First, children often wind up with better social skills if they have a positive relationship with both parents. Having bad feelings or ill-will towards another person, especially someone as important as their parent, can create a hostile personality. Furthermore, most kids view their other parent as a significant person in their lives and would like to spend time with this person.

Visitation Rights are Beneficial to the Custodial Parent as Well

It is also important to keep the other parent involved from a logistical point of view. Raising kids as a single parent is a significant challenge. There simply isn't any free time for the custodial parent to run errands, focus on themselves, and take the time to relax and recharge. When the kids are with their other parent, this can be a great opportunity to take a break. Parents are often so consumed with taking care of their children that they don't leave any time to take care of themselves. In addition, dropping the kids off with the other parent means consistent contact with the other parent. This may lead to consistent child support payments as well.

There are many good reasons to stay in contact with your child's other parent. This arrangement generally leads to well-adjusted children and a more amicable child custody split than you might otherwise be compelled to navigate. While it might be tempting to dump some negative emotions regarding the other parent onto the children, this doesn't have a positive impact on the psychological and social development of the children. Parents who are having trouble setting up a child custody arrangement should consider contacting an experienced attorney for help.

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