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Failing to pay Illinois child support can lead to arrest

Failure to pay support payments for one's children is illegal. This can lead to serious monetary penalties for non-compliant parents. It can also end in the arrest of the parent as well as significant time in prison. Therefore, it is important for a divorced parent to make sure that his or her Illinois child support payments are paid on time. Unfortunately, fifteen parents in another state failed to do this and were recently arrested in a roundup operation implemented by the authorities.

The operation was meant to be a message to other parents who owe money for child support. Although authorities do believe that most parents generally make some payments on their child support requirements, they wanted to let the public know that those who have not made any payments will be punished. In the worst-case scenario, such parents will have to spend time behind bars for non-payment.

All of the parents who were arrested during this particular operation were men; however, women have also been known to have support payment issues. The total in support payments owed by these men is $391,309. The authorities instructed sheriff deputies to apprehend the parents before they were able to leave their residences to go about their daily business.

This case illustrates the importance of keeping up with Illinois child support payments. However, life is unpredictable and a variety of things could happen that may prevent a parent from being able to keep up with payments. Some of these issues may include sudden loss of employment or an unforeseen medical emergency. In these incidences, it may be necessary to petition the court to modify the child support arrangements.

Source: Brownsville Herald, "Men arrested for failing to pay child support," Jesse Mendoza, Oct. 12, 2012

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